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Forró w/ Camila Delphim
on Wednesdays!

Beginners 19h-20h
Intermediate 20h-21h

Camila Aula.jpeg

New to forró? Join the beginners group and learn well this amazing dance! Camila has a unique teaching style that can make "stones" dance!  


If you are already familiar with the basis of forró and are looking to expand your repertoire, join the intermediary group with one of the best teachers in the country!


These classes are facilitated by Camila Delphim and 2 assistants. Camila will come from Lisbon to teach us new figures every two weeks. In the in-between classes, the assistants will support the group in consolidating the learned steps and exploring variations.

About Camila

Contemporary dancer and dance teacher for 17 years, Camila has worked as a performer and taught all over the world! She is the Brazilian champion of Tango Escenario and was the first Brazilian to reach the final of the World Tango Championship in Buenos Aires. Camila lives in Lisbon, where she teaches several dances and develops artistic projects. She believes that forró is a perfect terrain for deconstructing and gaining new and diverse possibilities to express oneself through movement. 

Camila Class.jpeg



Classes start on October 5!

Every Wednesday

Beginners 19h to 20h

Intermediate 20h to 21h


For the committed ones:

monthly fee (4 classes within 1 month) - 40€

quarterly fee (12 classes within 3 months) - 100€

For the free birds:

4-class card - 50€

12-class card - 150€ 

For the "tourists":

drop-in - 15€ 


31 - Clube Recreativo da Praia das Maçãs

Av. Eugene Levy nº31, 2705-304 Colares


You can do your registration in person on the class day. We ask you to come a little earlier that day ;)


For any questions, contact Inês: +351 961 619 269

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