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our manifesto


Forró in Sintra was born in June 2018 around the soltice bomfire at Quinta dos 7 Nomes. Its initial purpose was to bring Sintra community together in the uplifting, and at the same time firmly rooted, music of forró. We wanted to create a space for the simple and complete presence and connection of bodies that move and become music, beyond names, professions and small talk... in the dance's wholy space that has no words. We also wanted to have fun and celebrate life together!

For the past 3 years, forró has been warming our hearts in the cold months and filling Sintra mountains with music and laughter in open air concerts and parties. Nowadays we have a local band that is absolutely insane (Sultopia) and a headquarter that is simply the most beautiful dancefloor of the country (at 31.crpm)! 


We wish that those who participate in our courses and events:

1. Learn and get inspired by the language and rich culture of forró;

2. Develop body awareness and various universal dance skills, which will enhance connection, trust and expression in dance in pairs and in the dance of life;

3. Feel part of a community that is in a safe and familiar space of music, dance and sharing.

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